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Last Issue

It is with very mixed feelings that I have put together this final issue of City Times—pride in the fact that our group has worked so hard for 23 years to provide the city with its very own source of news and information and sadness that , like all good things, it has come to the end and, as yet, we have had no interest from anyone else willing to continue.
That no one has yet come forward is no great surprise to anyone in our group who know well the commitment and effort it has taken to build the skills, dedication and time to create a team who have worked together for 23 years.
From our very first very basic eight page effort back in December 1994 we have tried to improve and grow to provide a worthwhile service to the community but, time marches on relentlessly, and there comes a point at which sustaining the effort becomes more difficult. At the point I feel I must express my sincere thanks to all the members of our group, Andrew Thomas, who has chaired the group from the beginning, dealt with the printers and spent hours creating the adverts which have paid for the production costs; Sue Thomas, who has collected adverts, dealt with invoices and kept us financially viable; Margaret Corlett, our treasurer who has made sure bills were paid and records kept; Our committee members, Mary Owen, Austin Savage, Alwyn Evans and Ken Hodgkinson, who have been stalwarts from the start.
Our thanks also go to all those who have helped with the deliveries over the years.

Denise Hodgkinson

And, of course, many many thanks must go to our superb editor who has provided such enjoyable and unmissable articles and photos and devoted countless hours to providing our paper. Without Denise there would have been no City Times ! Thank you Denise.
Andrew Thomas - chair