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Rotary Club of St. Asaph Wants your old and unwanted sewing machines

Two years ago the Rotary Club of St. Asaph collected 154 old, mainly hand operated, sewing machines which were refurbished and sent to specialised training centres in Malawi and Tanzania. Since then the club has had further offers of these sewing machines and is now undertaking a further project to collect unwanted machines to send to Malawi.
On this occasion Rotary have lined up with a charity called Krizevac project ( who arrange for the transport of sewing machines to Malawi. The machines are refurbished in Malawi and then donated to disadvantaged individuals who are trained in their use to enable them to set up a small business. There is regular monitoring of the use of the sewing machines in Malawi by the charity. From the experience of Rotary two years ago it has been proved that these machines can make a huge difference to the lives of these individuals and their families.
The Rotary Club would be pleased to receive any old hand operated sewing machines and also electric machines that are no longer wanted. If you have such a machine that you are willing to donate, please contact:
Alex Wilson: email
Tel. 01745 583129