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Chance To Start A New Career In Adventure Sports

Thrill-seekers can start a new career in adventure sports thanks to a unique training opportunity.
Denbighshire County Council and Cadwyn Clwyd are contributing funding to provide subsidised training sessions to increase the number of outdoor sports instructors in Denbighshire’s Dee Valley to meet rising demand.
The courses will offer training for new instructors as well as upskilling current qualifications and will focus on white-water rescue and paddle boarding.
The project was funded by the Council’s Tourism Growth Plan and Cadwyn Clwyd secured funding through the Welsh Government’s Rural Communities - Development Programme 2014-2020, which is funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.
Support and advice has also been provided by the Clwydian Range and Dee Valley AONB.
Sessions take place in September and October.
Providing funding for the sessions is part of the Council’s work on developing the local economy by helping to increase visitor numbers to the area.
For more information or to book, contact Ceri Lloyd on 01824 712757 or e-mail

Traffic Chaos

This picture illustrates the frequent chaotic scenes on St. Asaph High Street as wagons of ever increasing size endeavour to manipulate their way through a street originally built for horse drawn traffic.
On August 25th this situation was watched with bated breath by coffee drinkers sitting in the High Street Farm Shop and Delicatessen when this mammoth low loader met head to head with another commercial vehicle leaving the drivers with no option but for one of them to try and back into a small space off road to allow the other to pass. Reversing back up the High Street wasn’t an option for the driver of the white lorry as traffic had already built up behind and around the crossroad junction. Luckily the skill of the drivers, not helped by the efforts of some motorists, averted what could have been a more serious event but it again raises the question as to what is being done to solve this problem with the provision of an alternative route.
These chaotic scenes are not the only concern for those using the High Street as continuing increases in traffic affects the air quality for those living, shopping and using the High Street to access facilities and walk to school.