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Llanelwy WI

Chocolate Heaven
Our April meeting was a chocoholics dream when Mary Tetley from The Chocolate Shop in Denbigh came along to tell us about the manufacture of chocolate and the different types available. We had a blind tasting session to see if we could recognise some commercial varieties, which we did and then onto the Belgian chocolates. We were given an assortment of chocolates to try and were told the ingredients of each of the chocolates, which were very rich but delicious. Mary informed us that they buy their chocolates mainly from Belgium, a few from England but sadly none, as yet from a Welsh chocolatier. A very enjoyable way to spend an evening even if it was calorie packed!
“Plastic Soup” Our guest speaker in May was Nia Jones from the North Wales Wild Life Trust, who gave a very interesting and informative talk on “plastic soup” and how we are poisoning our marine life with the use of plastics. We were surprised to find that microplastic fibres are shed from clothes made from synthetic materials when laundered and also the microbeads found in many toiletries and cosmetics. These very small fibres and beads eventually make their way into the sea and are ingested by aquatic life and continue through the food chain. At present it is not known how much of these particles and toxins end up in the human diet and the impact upon us. Nia showed examples of larger types of plastics found along the North Wales coast, which included plastic lobster ties from Canada. It was certainly very thought provoking.
Over the next couple of months we will be holding a games night and a talk by a Welsh author. If you would like to join our friendly WI, you can contact us on for further information.

Schools Support Christian Aid

The children of Ysgol Esgob Morgan and the VP Primary Schools coloured some pictures to represent themselves to show their support for all the refugee children in the word and the work of Christian Aid.
As a result of the annual Christian Aid Week fund raising events Linda Mathias and Gwenda Evans announced a total of approximately £1400 had been raised and expressed the thanks of all concerned to everyone who had supported the effort

Lighting Up The Skies Of Rhyl

Work on transforming Rhyl’s Sky Tower into a light beacon is progressing at a pace, with the structure being lit up for the first time on Thursday, July 20th.
The transformation of the Sky Tower forms a part of planned major regeneration of Rhyl waterfront, and comes hot on the heels of news that the brand new waterpark on the promenade has been given approval by Denbighshire’s Planning Committee.
Enhancement of the Sky Tower has included the removal of the redundant gondola base structure, redecorating the exterior of Rhyl’s landmark structure and installing a feature lighting scheme to make the tower a visible statement of the town’s renewed confidence and regeneration.
Graphics will be added to the new hoarding in the summer which depicts a timeline of Rhyl. The Tower will be lit up from sunset to 2am every day andwill use various lighting colours that can be changed and programmed.
The development is being funded through Welsh Government.
Meanwhile, major works is also underway at the Pavilion Theatre where a new restaurant is being created as part of the major refurbishment and external works to modernise the façade of the building is also progressing well.