The St. Asaph Business Directory

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St. Asaph is very conveniently situated at the gateway to the beautiful Vale of Clwyd with a direct link off the A55 Expressway. Although small (pop approx. 3500) it is full of historical interest and its origins date back to around 560 AD.

As with many ancient towns the city of St. Asaph is strategically built on a hill overlooking two rivers - the Elwy and the Clwyd - with its Cathedral, where for over 1400 years men and women have prayed and praised God, standing in pride of place on the crest of the hill.
The riverside walks and leisure areas along the banks of the Elwy are softly wooded and offer the visitor a welcome respite in tranquil surroundings.

On the outskirts of the City a growing Business Park is evidence of the confidence of commerce and business in the area with an increasing number of hi-tech companies establishing a presence and exporting, with their products, the name of St. Asaph all over the world. Companies with world wide reputations who are at the cutting edge of technology - Thales Optronics, Pilkington Special Glass, Phoenix Glass, Caradon M.K. Electrics - are already well established in St. Asaph and our first Japanese Company, TRB is now up and running alongside their new neighbours, Optic Technium.

In the City itself there are many service businesses quietly working within the conservation area surrounding the Cathedral and in other areas while the visitor will find hospitality, good food and a varied range of shops.