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Old Palace Changes Hands

Gwynedd social housing experts branch out to Denbighshire

A listed building providing supported housing to the over 55s in St Asaph has been taken over by North Wales’ largest housing association Cartrefi Cymunedol Gwynedd (CCG).
The 46-unit building, once the home of the Bishop of St Asaph, has been sold by Cheshire-based housing association, Johnnie Johnson Housing Trust to CCG.
This marks the first move outside Gwynedd county for CCG, who currently manage 6300 properties across Gwynedd including; 15 sheltered schemes containing 317 units, over 1000 bungalows and flats designated for people over 55 years old.
’s Chief Executive, Ffrancon Williams, said: “With an ever-increasing demand for sustainable and affordable housing across Wales, and particularly among an ageing population in north Wales, we are pleased that this opportunity has arisen for us to buy The Old Palace.
“Managing quality housing for older people is one of CCG’s key capabilities and will put us in good stead to expand and grow as a business. We appreciate the relationship that already exists between the on-site staff and residents and look forward to retaining and promoting this.”
Thomson, Executive Director of Assets at JJ Housing Trust said: “We are delighted that the Old Palace accommodation will continue to be in good hands for the tenants that currently live here.We were impressed by CCG’s track record in managing older persons’ accommodation, particularly so for their active and inclusive management style. Their Supported Housing Team make them highly skilled and capable of supporting older residents to live independently, as long as possible, in their homes.”
The Old Palace was built by Bishop Bagot in 1791 and a new wing was built by Johnnie Johnson Housing Trust in the late 1970s.