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Council responds to draft budget settlement

Denbighshire County Council has responded to the draft budget settlement announced by the Welsh Government, stating that the settlement is ‘not great but not completely unexpected’.
Welsh Government has announced a proposed 0.9% reduction in the Council’s budget for 2018/19. The announcement also includes an indication of the settlement for 2019/20- an average 1.5% reduction across Wales.
Leader, Councillor Hugh Evans, OBE, said: “We are naturally disappointed in the draft settlement but recognise that reductions in funding are inevitable in the current economic climate and that every local authority has seen a reduction in one shape or form.
“For us in Denbighshire, it means that the budget does not cover the costs of additional financial pressures in areas such as social services, this is something that the Council will need to consider carefully in the way it plans and sets the budget for next year and future years.
“We have worked tirelessly over recent years to prepare and respond to the financial challenges, whilst minimising the impact of cuts and that hard work has paid dividends in protecting key frontline services as far as possible.
“We have also made every effort to be more efficient as a Council, streamlining our services to be as effective as possible, whilst continuing to provide value for money services and maintaining our position as being one of the highest performing councils in Wales. That approach to using public funds wisely continues, as does our commitment to maintaining the best possible services for Denbighshire residents.”

Denbighshire gives green-fingered young entrepreneurs a helping hand

A team of award-winning entrepreneurs have been given a helping hand to get their hands dirty. Students from Rhuddlan’s Cambrian Pengwern College won a number of awards at the Young Enterprise Wales final this summer, including a national award at the UK final, for their social enterprise work planting flowers in towns including Prestatyn and Rhuddlan.
To congratulate the Pengwern Planters on their success, Cllr Hugh Evans OBE, Leader of Denbighshire County Council visited the school and presented them with a £100 voucher to buy gardening equipment and supplies.
The students entered the competition after a series of business courses run by the Young Enterprise charity, with funding provided by the Council for sessions at Pengwern and four other schools in the county.
Cllr Evans said: “I was so pleased to be able to congratulate the Pengwern Planters on their success.
“Winning Wales-wide awards, as well as a UK-wide award is a fantastic achievement and they have made everyone in Denbighshire proud. We were very pleased as a Council to be able to present the Pengwern Planters with a voucher to help them continue their excellent work in the community.”
Funding for Young Enterprise courses in the county was provided by the Council’s Economic and Community Ambition Programme which aims to support local businesses and ensure the county has a skilled workforce equipped to benefit from jobs and opportunities that arise.
The Pengwern Planters is made up of 13 students aged 18 to 22.
They won the Best Report Award and Best Overall team 2017 at the Wales Young Enterprise Ward while the College’s Corey Jones won the Wales Sir John Moore Award. The team also won theBest Team Presentation competition at the UK Final.