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Civic Sunday

A Civic Service for Cllr. Colin Hardie in his second term as Mayor of St. Asaph was held at the Cathedral on September 3rd and attended by a packed congregation including civic heads and guests from the surrounding area.
The service was conducted by Residentiary Canon Rev. Rex Matthias and the sermon was given by the Dean, the Very Rev. Nigel Owen. The organist was Graham Eccles and the choir was conducted by Assistant Director of Music, John Hoskins. The lessons were read by the Mayor and by Dr. Janet Cameron and the Intercession was led by Deputy Mayor, Cllr. Roz Williams. During the service the Mayor reaffirmed his pledge to serve. Pictured Right are serving members of the Council and partners. Pictures by Nathaniel Ramanaden

Visitor Numbers On The Up In Denbighshire

Denbighshire’s tourism industry is thriving according to recent research.
Figures have been released as part of the STEAM programme – Scarborough Tourism Economic Activity Monitor, which aims to measure the impact of tourism from both staying and day visitors.
Tourism plays a vital part in Denbighshire’s economy, with a total economic impact in 2016 of over £479 million, an increase of 3.2% compared to the previous year and nearly 50% increase compared to 10 years ago.
In 2016, the total number of visits to Denbighshire – taking into account tourism day visits and staying visitors was nearly 6 million, increasing by 1.7% from 2015 and 23% compared to 10 years ago.
Latest figures reveal that Denbighshire continues to be a popular choice for day trippers and over 6,000 full time jobs were supported by tourism spend in 2016, which demonstrates the contribution the sector makes to our local economy by providing services to the community and employment opportunities for our residents.
For more information on Denbighshire and North East Wales please visit and

Neighbours Enjoy Street Party

Neighbours in Ashly Court who suffered flooding in 2012 have ensured that the friendships made in adversity have brought the community closer together and each year they mark the anniversary with a street party.
This time the weather gods smiled on their gathering and a great evening was enjoyed by all. “Close neighbourhood ties are important within a community and we are all delighted that, out of disaster, closer ties have been established and friendships made,” said Mrs. Gwenda Hardie.