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City Times to Cease Publication

December 2017 will see the final issue

The Christmas issue will mark the 23rd anniversary of a project which began as a simple eight page city newsletter and gradually developed into its current format serving not only St. Asaph but many of the surrounding rural areas.
The production team would like to thank everyone who has supported this voluntary effort over the past 23 years - the delivery teams, advertisers and contributors - for without them City Times would not have survived to play such an active role in the community.

Message From City Times Chairman

Dear Readers,
It is with great sadness that the committee has decided to stop producing the City Times and the final issue will be in December 2017. Having made the decision to cease we decided that it would be better to have a short and quick finish rather than a long drawn out affair.
In facing up to reality the paper could not go on and on with the current volunteers as we are all getting older and may not be able to continue at any given time. We have requested help many times in the past and although people have been very good in offering to distribute the issues unfortunately nobody has felt able to take on the key roles, such as editor (essential), advert manager, compiling, publishing and diary keeping.
We will be keeping our accounts and information open for the next 6 months and if any volunteer wishes to take over the City Times, in one form or another, we would be more than happy to provide limited funds and to give assistance in reviving the paper.
Should anyone wish to research back numbers a complete set is archived with the National Library for Wales, at Aberystwyth, or bound sets of copies may be found at the local St.Asaph library.
As chair of the committee I have nothing but praise for the great team of helpers over the last 23 years. We started off with an 8 page photo copied production. If, at that time, anyone suggested that we would be producing full colour issues of about 52 pages, 13,000 copies per year with printing costs of 10,000 per year we would have thought they were mad! I think we all have enjoyed producing and distributing the City Times (most of the time) and are pleased to have provided a community newspaper that everyone seems to have enjoyed over the years.
Finally I must give thanks to all the volunteer production team who have been great in every way. We are grateful to all the sponsors and advertisers who enabled us to provide a free newspaper and finally thank you to all our readers your praise and appreciation encouraged us to continue over the decades.
Thank you all. Andrew Thomas - Chair