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County Council Diaries

County Council Webcast
The proceedings of Denbighshire County Council’s meetings can now be seen live on the webcast or the meetings of the last 6 months can be viewed in order to make members more accountable to the public.
At present the full Council meetings, the Cabinet meetings and Planning Committees can be viewed. A record of all the speakers and the voting can be seen. So if anyone wanted to watch how a planning decision is reached or see how the Cabinet considered a particular issue or any other matters then the webcast is fully accessible to all.
The webcasts can be found on the Denbighshire web site by going to “Your Council” page and the webcasts are on the right or search Denbighshire C C webcasts.

New School Transport Policy
The policy that the County introduced in 2014 left a lot to be desired and after extensive consultations and reconsideration a new draft policy has been written with the hope of introducing it for the new school year in 2018 .
The County will provide transport if the home is more than 2 miles from a primary school or 3miles for a secondary school. The policy recognises that Denbigh High School is the feeder school for St.Asaph primary and Ysgol Glan Clwyd is available for teaching in Welsh. The 40 page document endeavours to cover all the many different scenarios – hazards on route, requests for Welsh or English medium education, disabilities, those in care etc. and it has a catch all clause to make discretionary arrangements.

County Councillor Andrew Thomas

Cae Winifried

I've been trying to rectify the problems at the Cae Winefride Play area and this is proving rather difficult at the moment. The area has been tidied up by DCC but getting someone to take control of the play area is not that simple.
Following the work re-surfacing The Roe some minor repairs were required these have been rectified.
There are 3 red road signs down by the surgery entrance road which I have asked to be removed. The lawned cemetery on Mount road had become overgrown but the grass has now been cut back to acceptable standards.
I'm also dealing with residents concerns in Tan y Bryn, Ffordd Siarl and Heol Clwyd. I've attended Planning, Licensing and LDP meetings in Ruthin.
My various duties representing DCC has included the Eisteddfod in Llangollen which was a very enjoyable day.

Peter Scott - County Councillor St Asaph West"

New Club Planned

We are hoping to start a ‘club’ in St Asaph called the RAK club, RAK standing for Random Acts of Kindness. As yet the details are not finalised but it is hoped to launch it in the autumn – perhaps on Friday September 22nd but that is subject to confirmation!!
What can we say about it at this stage? It has been an idea of mine (Alan Jones) which I have wanted to do for a while and now I want to stop thinking about it and give it a go. It will be based at Llanelwy Community Church opposite the kebab shop on the High Street which I am part of. Put simply the aim will be to do acts of kindness around the community, but to whom and how we are not yet sure, as it will depend where we see the biggest need and how many people are able and willing to help us.
Probably it will take place weekly from about 10.30 a.m. till 3 p.m. with Friday as the most likely day. It will be based at our church building but we will be expecting to go out into the community too. In the church people will be able to drop in for a chat whether it is because you are simply lonely or if you have problems of some sort. Debt? Addiction? Bereavement? Relationships? Dementia? Housing? .. etc are just some of the things that we think could crop up under the heading ‘problems’. It does not matter, whatever it is we will not judge you and will try to help in a kind way and if it needs referring to another agency then we will do that in a supportive way too. If you come into the church then food, board games, newspapers, a pool table and a dart board and maybe craft sessions will be part of what we hope to offer. Going out we may offer help for practical things like shopping, decorating, gardening, dog walking or simply go and surprise someone who needs cheering up with a card or some flowers. The exact format will evolve as we go along.
If you like the sound of this and want to help then please get in touch with me (land line on583148 or email at and we can discuss it further. If you would like to help but Friday is not suitable that would be no problem, you could be part of the team and maybe visit the needy (doing some RAK work!!) on another day. If you want to help but could not come every week then again no problem, come as and when you can. Although I am a Christian and it will be based in a church in no way would we want to exclude people from other churches, other faiths or even no faith at all. If you are a person who wants to show kindness to others you are welcome!!
There is more I could say but I hope that that has given you a feel for what we hope to achieve, watch this space as the project develops Alan Jones