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City Celebrates City Status 5th Birthday

Over 1,000 people from far and wide visited the Flower Festival in the Cathedral in June and marvelled at the beautiful displays created on the theme ‘Stories of Jesus’ by Flower Clubs from all over North Wales and beyond and organised by a small committee of six.
A visitors book contained many complimentary messages and the beauty of the displays prompted one visitor to say that she had been privileged to visit the flower festival at Westminster Abbey and felt that St. Asaph Cathedral was as good, if not better! Front cover pic shows arrangement celebrating the award of City Status featuring the “Letters Patent” by Malpas Flower Club.
The Dean, the Very Rev. Nigel Williams and the Mayor of St. Asaph, Councillor Colin Hardie and Mayoress, Mrs. Gwenda Hardie, visited the Flower Festival and congratulated the flower arrangers on their superb displays and clever interpretations of the Stories of Jesus.
The picture top left shows the creating of a display containing hundreds of foxgloves to represent the years since the translation of the Bible into Welsh by Bishop William Morgan and one of the rare copies of the bible formed the centrepiece of the display.