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Rotary Club Welcomes Its First Female Full-member In 34 Years

St Asaph Rotary Club, founded in 1984, has a proud history of ‘helping others’ both locally and nationally and is held in high regard by the St Asaph community which it serves. In one respect, however, it has lagged behind other Rotary clubs insofar as it has never attracted a single female full-member to its ranks – until now! In spite of numerous high-profile recruitment events, to date only male new members have come forward to join the club. This, however, has now changed with the induction of Telemarketing business entrepreneur Ms Tracy Chapman as the club’s first full female member.
Tracy, who has extensive experience in the voluntary field helping with rehabilitation in prisons, was attracted to the club through a chance visit to their annual Rotary Country Fayre. There, she met many of the St Asaph Rotarians, and was immediately impressed with the commitment and friendliness of all concerned and the variety of good causes in which the club is involved.
Tracy takes up the story:
“When I visited the Rotary tent, quite simply I was bowled over to learn how much the club was doing, both locally and nationally, to help others less fortunate than ourselves and to promote sports, the arts and culture in the schools and areas around St Asaph.
I was invited to attend one of the club’s Thursday meetings at The Bod Erw Hotel and must confess to feeling somewhat apprehensive. I expected it to be very formal and stuffy but it turned out to be the exact opposite. It was very relaxed, friendly and informal with the business conducted over a pleasant meal.
Above all, I was impressed by how welcoming everybody was and how every member is valued for their contribution, whatever their expertise or background or how little time they have available to help with the many activities in which the club is involved. It did not take me long to decide that this was the club for me.”
Roy Hamilton, the current President of the club commented:
“ We are absolutely delighted to have Tracy ‘on board’ as our very first female full-member. She has already helped with Santa’s grotto and the Christmas Float and I am sure that now she is a fully inducted member, she will make an outstanding contribution to the club. Our current Honorary member Kate Bateman has brought a new dimension to our activities and I am sure Tracy will do the same. “
The St Asaph Rotary Club meets weekly on Thursdays at The Bod Erw Hotel at 6.30 pm; you are welcome to come along as a guest to learn more about Rotary and the activities of the club.
Simply contact Roy Hamilton on 01745 730947