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Roe Plas Nature Park

There may have been residents who had difficulty in finding Roe Plas Meadow when visiting the recent polling station in the Council/Community Room but the local wildlife is having no problem choosing to vote for the meadow as their base.
In recent weeks these rabbits with a spring in their step, the beautiful deer and the two frolicking foxes have been snapped by Ed Winter whose home overlooks the meadows.
Cute as they are and with the sympathy vote following the dreadful myxomatosis outbreak that killed them in their thousands, rabbits certainly donít get the vote of members of the allotment group who are constantly losing crops to Peter Rabbit and his friends but perhaps the fox will help with that problem!
Footballers also have issues with the rabbits who have a tendency to dig on the pitch creating a danger to players who could suffer damaged ankles when playing.
Despite the problems the pictures do lift the spirits and let us know that Spring has sprung