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Bird flu warning to local poultry keepers

Denbighshire Councilís Planning and Public Protection service is reminding local poultry farmers and captive bird owners to keep their birds indoors or take immediate appropriate steps to keep them separate from wild birds.
The Welsh Government has extended the enhanced biosecurity requirements in order to protect poultry and captive birds from a strain of avian flu circulating in the UK. The protection zone covers the whole of Wales and was extended until 28th February 2017. Further measures have been introduced in respect of restrictions on auctions and sales.
The Welsh Government is continuing to monitor the situation closely and has increased its surveillance activity, while keepers are being urged to reinforce biosecurity measures on their premises.
Poultry keepers can keep up to date with the requirements or get further information from The Animal Plant & Health Agency (APHA) can be contacted by telephone on 0300 303 8268.

First Finds

St. Asaph City Council have granted permission to a young member of the Archaeological Society to use his metal detector to search areas of council land.
On his first outing, in the area of the MUGA on Roe Plas Meadow, Aled Roberts detected five silver coins dating from 1837ó1937 in addition to a selection of modern day coins of low value.
Aled is working to a set of rules laid down by the council and is hoping that future finds may add to the knowledge of the area and even unearth a significant piece of city history which could contribute to the theory of Roman occupation.