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Ysgol Trefnant Competition Inspires Pupils’ Creative Writing

A group of budding writers at Ysgol Trefnant have created magical stories for a popular competition, incorporating online technology in the process to refine their work.
Nine pupils in years 5 and 6 took up the challenge to put their creative writing skills to the test and enter this year’s BBC Radio 2’s hugely popular ‘500 Words’ story-writing competition, which is supported by Her Royal Highness, The Duchess of Cornwall.
This was the first time any of the pupils have entered the competition and they worked on their stories for homework over a period of several weeks to meet the entry deadline.
To help complete their stories online, the pupils used the ‘Class Notebook’ facility via Hwb, the school’s online learning platform. They also received ‘live’ support and feedback from their teacher, Louise Davies, one evening per week.
Mrs Davies said: “‘They are all incredibly talented creative writers and worked very hard on a wide range of wonderful and creative stories.
“I am very proud of their commitment to editing, and improving their work at home. Working with them ‘live’ via the internet was a new and enjoyable experience for us all, and a valuable learning experience too.
“I am hugely impressed with the quality of their work and we are looking forward to hearing if any of them have been successful when the top fifty stories are announced in May.”
Amongst the stories are Lili Tetley-Young’s ‘Sergeant Season Sun’, which she wrote using her knowledge and understanding from Science lessons. The story is set millions of years ago, while 'Sergeant Season Sun’ and ‘Mr Moon’ constantly battled to shine the brightest until, one day, the moon’s light went out. The rest of the story explains how the Sun helps the Moon to glow.
Elin Wisby wrote ‘The Magooners’, a story about discovering teachers asleep on the floor in a classroom, emitting an acrid green smoke from their nostrils. Suddenly, the Head spots her, she is chased by the teachers and rescued by the mytserious caretaker.
All the pupils are avid readers and whilst for some it is the authors who have inspired them, for others it’s a particular subject matter.
Leila Gizzi said: “My magical science fiction story was inspired by stories written by my favourite author, Terry Pratchett, I love his Disc World series.”
Carys Taylor added: “I always read, I would read all day if I could! My favourite stories are ones about magic, and they inspired me to write a story about mystical dragons and the search for a magical unicorn.”
After submitting their entries, the pupils were thrilled to receive an official 500 Words certificate for participating in the competition.
Photo attached shows:
Left to right: Lili Tetley-Young Year 6, Emily Johnson Year 6, Ophelia Godberford-Orton Year 6, Leila Gizzi Year 6, Jasmin Fearnley Year 6, Elin Wisby Year 6, Ryan Pendlebury Year 5, Emily Chapman Year 6, and Carys Taylor Year 6