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What Is Easter About Anyway?

This Easter will be a very special time at the Parish Church, particularly for youngsters 3– 13 years old when Holy Week will see a special Club operating from 10am till noon each day from Monday, April 13th up to Friday, April 17th.
Easter isn’t just about eating yummy Easter eggs! At the Club there will be a number of craft activities, the chance to sing and act and also to listen to stories of real events which happened the very first Holy Week. It will be a great opportunity to learn while having fun—and there will be refreshments!! - what more could you want!
Although the Parish Church has run weekly Messy Church Holiday Club sessions for the past 8 months, Holy Week Club will offer activities to suit young people from the age of 3—13

County Councillor's Diary

“ As I will not be standing for re-election as a County Councillor at the elections on the 4th.May this will be will be my last entry in County Councillors Diary.”
“I would like to take this opportunity to thank those residents who have supported me over the past nine years and, although I have not always been able to resolve all requests for assistance, I have always done my best, been honest and never made false promises.”
I wish all the residents best wishes for the future.
Thank you,
Bill Cowie (West Ward)

W.I Enjoy Burlesque Night

St. Asaph WI, who meet at the Cricket Club, have had two fun packed evenings at their February and March meetings.
In February they were put through their paces doing a Zumba workout with Zoe Bishop,with her lovely,Chic Fitness.It was a fantastic and funand there were happy smiley faces at the end of the evening.Zoe also gave advice on exercises that everyone could do to keep ageing joints supple.Most welcome!
in March the pace was a little slower when they were taught a Burlesque routine with Helen McCready.
Helen started the evening by explaining the history of Burlesque and how she began to teach it along side other dance classes that she gives.
In a short time we were doing some hip bumping moves as we shimmied across the floor and encompassed the mood of Burlesque.This was such a lovely and enjoyable way to spend the evening.
April we have chocolate making and tasting to look forward to.If you would be interested in becoming a member of our friendly Llanelwy WI group, further information can be found on our website