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Have your say on revised home to school transport

Denbighshire residents are urged to have their say on a revised Learner Transport Policy for pupils across the county.
The current Home to School Transport Policy came into force from September 2015, after agreement by Council in 2014; with a review of the policy planned after 12 months of operation. Councillor Eryl Williams, Denbighshire’s Cabinet Lead Member for Education, said: “The Council recognises thatwere pockets of concern regarding certain elements of the current policy and we have addressed these concerns as and when they have arisen.The Council agreed when it implemented the policy that it would be reviewed after one year of operating.That review has now taken place and has taken into consideration feedback from schools, parents, councillors and advice through legal discussions.
“The current policy states that home to school transport will be provided to the nearest suitable school.Some concern has been raised in some communities about this issue, and it is now being proposed that school transport to secondary schools will be based on nearest suitable school or whether the pupil attended a designated primary feeder school. Transport on the basis of feeder will be provided under discretionary arrangements.
“Clarity is also proposed relating to pick-up points and hazardous routes, with a previously separate guidance note being incorporated into the latest policy.
“As with the current policy, the Council would continue to provide free transport to the nearest suitable Welsh language or Faith school, if this was the parental / carers preference”. The amended document can be found on the Council’s website:, by phoning Education Support on 01824 706000, by writing to: Education Support, Denbighshire County Council, PO Box 62, Ruthin, LL15 9AZ or by e-mail:
Copies of the consultation documents are also available at all Denbighshire Libraries. The consultation began on March 13 and ends on April 30, 2017.

Time and Motivation – 6 Easy Ways to Get More!

I hear this all the time. People say they know they need to get fitter, or healthier, or slimmer . But they then say that they have no time and just aren’t motivated. People know what to do, but just don’t do it because they are busy, or they just can’t get started. Here’s how to improve things.
First PLUG those Time Drains. Then polish up your Motivation with some Super Focus!
  1. Analyse your day. What do you spend more than 30 mins doing? Potentially these are your Time Drains. Of those Drains, decide if any of them can go – TV, social media, chatting with friends, housework ….? Make a deal with yourself – what are you prepared to plug up and replace with activity. And what will be the GOOD THING about doing that?
  2. Can you get support or help with essential tasks? Maybe get the shopping delivered instead of doing it yourself. Speaking personally this saves me at least 3 hours each week! Or maybe get a cleaner. Or make a rota in the house so that everyone helps. Or decide that you would rather have a gorgeous healthy body than a tidy lounge!
    Get up earlier. Even just 15 mins can make you feel ahead of yourself all day.

Consider what will be BETTER about your life if you just got started on this. Be detailed and specific about this – time-framed and with numbers please
Make that first step an easy step. Keep the targets and goals realistic.
Always praise the good. Ignore every time you fail, get it wrong, or don’t do what you wanted to do. Instead notice and praise yourself for the smallest step taken in the right direction. For example – you took your trainers to work with good intentions but didn’t make it to the class. Instead of telling yourself you failed, tell yourself you did good taking the shoes, and try to figure out how next time you can get to the class too.
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