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Latest News on the Flood

As local residents are aware, building work has started on the St Asaph flood risk management scheme.
Natural Resources Wales’ contractor, Dawnus, started to build the new Spring Garden’s bridge last October.
This will increase the capacity of the river downstream of the city, which will reduce flood water levels in St Asaph.
The abutments for the new bridge are now in position and the bridge beams are being built off-site. They will be delivered to the site and put in place in late April.
Once the new bridge is ready the old bridge will be removed. There have been minor issues with the final design of the bridge beams which has slightly delayed the installation of the new bridge. However this element of the scheme will be complete in the Summer 2017.
Work has also started on the City’s new and raised flood defences.
A concrete flood wall is currently being built on the left bank of the river, behind Is-Terfyn and Ruby Terrace and steel sheet piles are being put in place behind Roe Park.
Works to the Bowling Green will start in mid.
The work to raise existing embankments, downstream of Lower Denbigh Road, will start in May and take place over the Summer.
Our aim is to complete the whole scheme in Autumn 2017.
Keith Ivens, Flood & Water Manager for North and Mid Wales for Natural Resources Wales said: “This scheme will make a real difference to people living and working in St Asaph who suffered such devastating flooding in November 2012 and have lived with the threat of flooding for many years.
“While we can’t always prevent flooding from happening, we believe we have a robust scheme for St Asaph that will significantly reduce the risk and provide effective, long-term, peace of mind for people in the city.
“We’re grateful to local residents for their support and we will keep everyone informed about the work along every step of the way.”
NRW and Dawnus will do our best to minimise disruption during the works. Temporary footpath closures are in place to allow works to progress safely and we apologise for any inconvenience. If you have any queries please feel free to contact the site team on 07748 682629 or 07794 336570.
You can also report any issues to St Asaph City Council via the Mayor Colin Hardie on 07796 148486.
NRW is also liaising with Denbighshire County Council with regard to addressing the flood risk from the Glas Coed Stream.