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Review of annual performance in Denbighshire

Recent figures compiled by the Local Government Data Unit compares the performance of councils across Wales on a range of issues, and according to those figures Denbighshire County Council remains one of the best performing Welsh authorities.
The results for 2015/16 show that Denbighshire performed in the top half for the majority of activities it was assessed against, when compared with other councils, and we now rank third of all 22 Welsh local authorities.
Now, the Council has published its annual performance report where it has reviewed its progress against the priorities set out in its Corporate Plan. Councillor Julian Thompson-Hill, Cabinet Lead Member for Finance, with responsibility for business performance, said “We continually review our performance, to check our progress, identify any areas where we may be off-track, and take action to make sure we achieve our goals.
“We produce this report which sets out how we’re doing, and what we can do to improve.
“We also show how we have progressed against each indicator, performance measure, and activity for every corporate priority, along with an extract highlighting a key success or challenge encountered during the year. We also provide details of performance against Corporate Projects and Risks, national performance indicators and key findings from external regulators etc.
Denbighshire’sCorporate Plan (2012 – 2017) set out a strong vision for a high performing Council that is close to its communities with a clear, strategic direction through its seven ambitious priorities.Over the past five years, the Council has remained focused on these priorities and it is now visibly evident that the transformational change that was promised by the Plan is being delivered. For the same period the Council’s performance has been either the best or amongst the best in Wales for each year.
Cllr. Thompson-Hil added l“Whilst the Annual Performance Report represents a review of the 2015/16 performance, we are mindful that some of our priorities will take several more years to deliver, and the full benefits of our Corporate Plan will be realised beyond 2017.There are still key areas that we have identified for improvement, and we will be working hard to address these”.
To read the Annual Performance Report 2015/16, please visit the website: