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Bishop Gregory Designs Christmas Coin

Christmas time gives us the chance to reflect, celebrate and hope for great things from the year ahead and to mark the 2016 celebration a new £20 fine silver coin has been produced by the Royal Mint and designed by St. Asaph’s Bishop Gregory Cameron.
The coin is finished to Brilliant Uncirculated standard and is approved by the Palace. It features a nativity design by Bishop Gregory who also designed the reverse of the last commemorative ‘round-pound’ released earlier this year. Just 30,000 Christmas coins will be issued, for a Christmas to remember.
The design is based on the Christmas Nativity Story and is featured on the £20 Silver Commemorative Coin showing the visit of the three wise men to a young Christ Child opening his arms to the world from the knees of the Virgin Mary. Commemorative coins are generally treasured for their aesthetic and collectable value, or for their rarity. Collectors appreciate the detailed hand-finished processes and expert skills used to make them.
All coins made by The Royal Mint are legal tender, whether commemorative or circulating. However, only circulating legal tender coins are designed to be spent and traded at businesses and banks.
This coin is a commemorative coin so banks, post offices and shops will not accept them.
If individual customers wish to discuss the return of this coin now or in the future please contact our customer services team on 0345 6088 300.