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For the attention of: PURE; Dr. James Davies M.P.; Ann Jones A.M.; St. Asaph City Council; Denbighshire County Council; Llyr Huws Gruffudd A.M.; Welsh Language Commissioner.
We, of Merched y Wawr, Llanelwy have been in correspondence with Denbighshire County Council and Dr. James Davies MP regarding the inappropriate naming of the new housing development on the site of the former H. M. Stanley maternity hospital in St. Asaph.
We believe that the name “Livingstone Place” is not consistent with the Denbighshire Street Naming and Numbering Policy which clearly states in Section 5.4 that “the policy in relation to new street names will therefore be to adopt either a Welsh language name or a bilingual name that is consistent with the local heritage and history of the area”. Whilst conceding that the developers have adopted this policy for the naming of the streets within the development, the name of the estate itself is neither Welsh nor linked to local heritage. Further, the name “Livingstone Court“appears on an apartment block within the development. We believe that naming of the whole housing estate and certainly the naming of the apartment block should be consistent with the section of the policy mentioned above.
The explanation given, that the name “Livingstone Place” is simply for marketing purposes does not make sense, because it will remain in the minds of our citizens much as the name Elwy Parc and Roe Parc do at present. The structured sign “Livingstone Court” suggests that it is intended to remain there for the future.
Section 5 of the Street Naming Policy states “Where a query arises over a place name, the Council will consult the Welsh Language Commissioner’s place name advisory service”. Did the Council seek such a consultation?
The place name “Livingstone Place” and “Livingstone Court” suggest a permanence, especially if they are allowed to remain in place until the completion of the development.
It is with this in mind that we of Merched y Wawr, kindly ask the authorities to request the developers to use an appropriate Welsh name.

Vera Savage
Secretary - Merched y Wawr Llanelwy

County Councillor’s Diary

I have received a number of complaints from residents of the Tan-y-Bryn area of my Ward about a large number of people who are not picking up after their dogs. It is not only an offence carrying a £75 fine but a serious health hazard, particularly to young children.
I would kindly ask that all persons walking their dogs make an effort to keep our streets clean and safe for all by picking up dog mess and binning it on returning home or using the bins provided.
Many thanks,
County Councillor Bill Cowie.

Business owners urged to check draft rateable value

Denbighshire County Council is urging business owners to check the new rateable value of their businesses.
Traders have been contacted about the new draft rateable value on which their business rates will be based and are being advised to contact the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) by its deadline of November 30 if they have any concerns. It has been seven years since all non-domestic properties in England and Wales were revalued and the 2017 revaluation will be based upon rental levels on April 1, 2015.
The revaluation, which will come into effect on April 1 next year, will form the basis of business rate liability for the next five years.
The draft rating list, which was issued on September 30, is part of the normal process to get feedback from businesses.
Although Denbighshire County Council collects business rates, the council does not set the rates.
The rateable value is assessed by the VOA , through HM Revenue and Customs. Rebecca Maxwell, corporate director at Denbighshire County Council, said: “Businesses will have already received a letter about their new draft rateable value and it is important they read this information.
“We are urging all businesses in Denbighshire to check their new draft rateable value online. This revaluation will have an impact on businesses for the next five years, so it is vitally important they are paying the correct rates.
“If you think your new rateable value is incorrect, contact the Valuation Office Agency as soon as possible.
“Once the new rateable values come into effect on April 1, 2017, businesses will be able to make an appeal, but we would first urge businesses to contact the VOA before November 30 with any concerns.”
The Welsh Government is consulting on proposals for a Transitional Relief Scheme aimed at helping businesses currently receiving Small Business Rate Relief (SBRR) and whose rateable value has increased.
aim is to assist ratepayers no longer entitled to the same amount of SBRR as a result of the revaluation by gradually phasing in any increases in over a three-year period.
more information on the revaluation or to check your draft rateable value online visit